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We have recently started using The Social Express as a family, and we love it. Our child has Asperger’s and is a gifted learner. We all enjoy learning the skills that the program covers and we all benefit from the lessons. The way the program raises awareness is a huge benefit for us. The quizzes, when asking if the child has been in that situation before, are great prompts for ongoing conversations. —Nina B.

I love using the Social Skills Express when working with students. The students really enjoy it. We use it to introduce and teach a skill before having the students role play J

Nicola F. – LSSP, Texas

Review of The Social Express Posted by Shane of App Yum Yum

Posted by: Shane in Behavior/Social Skills

Smooth 3D animation combined with nice little social scenarios make learning social skills a fun and entertaining experience on your iPad with The Social Express. Children with developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome or Autism surely need help with social skills. Apps like this one are turning iPads into serious tools for teaching, all while keeping the learning process fun and visual.

The Social Express is basically an educational, interactive cartoon. There are educational cartoons on television, but none that are interactive like this and let you learn at your own pace, even allowing you to make mistakes along the way. Allowing you to make mistakes is more important than you might think. Everyone learns by making mistakes and being corrected.

The characters are as endearing as any I’ve seen; Sam, Katie, Zach, Emma and Emma’s cute little puppy named Sunny. Yes, the kids all weigh the exact same amount and they’re a little anorexic but they’re friendly and jovial. They’re also a diverse little bunch.

The Social Express features two different skill levels, each with multiple lessons. Completing all the lessons takes about 45 minutes for someone like me, longer for someone who’s learning and absorbing and making mistakes. The lessons also have infinite re-playability value for those who are learning.

You can read lesson information beforehand and also check out the How To Guide. As the guide points out, “The Social Express is primarily intended for elementary school-aged children. Depending on their emotional and social abilities, younger children and young adults may also benefit from using the software.” As with most things for children with special needs, it’s not their chronological age that’s important, so much as their developmental age.

Before you get going with this app you’ll want to make a user profile which entails entering a first and last name. This info is used for saving progress through the app and for printing the correct name on the achievement certificates.

A typical scenario in Social Express may have two or more of the characters, perhaps Emma and Zach, standing outside a music store, pet shop, fire station or maybe just hanging out at the park. Emma may accidentally drop her ice cream cone or her dog will try to dart off. Sam might be engaged in a handheld video game and Zach might be dreaming of drums. Depending on which lesson you’re on you may be asked how somebody’s feeling, what they’re thinking about, or what a character should do next.

The user is never presented with an overwhelming number of choices. You get two choices; one is right and one is wrong. And when you make the wrong decision The Social Express corrects you in an appropriate manner with a nice, friendly voice that encourages you to think, observe and try again.

The Social Express not only guides you through different scenarios, helping you to make the right choices, but it also reinforces those correct decisions and explains their importance.

This app isn’t meant to be handed over to the user, but rather it’s meant to be “used with an adult, and the user and the adult should complete the interactive lessons together.”

Possibly one of the most vital parts of The Social Express is the fact that it gives you good coping strategies for handling emotions in unfavorable circumstances. The user gets options and is told why some of those options are better than others.

Idioms; The Social Express has a lesson that deals with those too! To prevent from deluging too much information I’ll resist “spilling the beans” too much in regards to idioms.

When a new user starts using the app for the first time, he must start from the beginning. All other lessons are locked down until they’ve been completed. I understand the value of that approach, but I think an adult should be given the option to override it.

Wherever you stop in this app, it automatically remembers what lesson you’re in and saves your progress. You won’t lose your spot!

If your iPad is setup for printing The Social Express lets you print things like achievement certificates, feelings cards, coping strategies and more. It’s got all the makings of the most fun iPad social skills curriculum in the world!

The Teaching Tips in Social Express are great! And you can toggle them on/off. The tips are aimed at the parent or therapist, not the children, and usually read something like this: “Tell the user to watch and think about how the characters are feeling. As you watch, pause the scene to talk about the different feelings.”

The Social Express is a huge download. It consumes 2 gigabytes of storage on your iPad. I’ve seen GPS navigation apps that consume less. 3D animation eats up space, so be warned. But if your child struggles with social skills, what’s a measly 2 gigabytes? The Social Express does nearly everything right.

Review of The Social Express – Best Social Skills apps for Teenagers

By Helen Wagner

Overall Impression
This is the most comprehensive social skills app which I have found, to date. I highly recommend it to SLP’s, parents and teachers of socially deficient students. It’s lessons must not be rushed through.

Overall Rating: 5

Appy Ratings (Appy’s): •Educational Value: 5 •Entertains/Engages User: 5 •Customization/Settings: 5 •Value for the money: 4 •Ease of Navigation: 5 •Quality of Graphics: 5 •Overall Rating: 5

Category: • Social Skills

Goals: •Comprehension •Emotions •Problem Solving Skills •Wh Questions •Social Skills Development

Age Group: •Lower Grades (Age 6-8) •Upper Grades (Age 9-10)

The Social Express is a unique movie-like set of interactive training/practice lessons in using Hidden Social Keys or rules, in order to enable users to become more socially competent and to fit in with a group. It is intended for elementary to middle school aged learners who do not understand unspoken social rules. The Hidden Social Keys are: Keep your body facing a group; Look at who is talking; Use your eyes, ears and brain to figure things out; Talk about what the group is talking about, Monitor and adjust your behavior when you’re with a group; Look at what others are looking at; Try to figure out what to do based on how others are feeling; and talk about things that others like to talk about. There are two levels of instruction to choose from, depending on the severity of the social delay. The app is designed to be completed with a teacher and a learner working together to explore a variety of social situations. The user makes choices about what should be done in given social situations. The teacher and learner discuss the different scenarios presented and problem solve together to determine the appropriate course of action in various social situations. A pause button allows discussion and questioning during each activity. 12 coping strategies are also taught. The program comes with an online user guide, printables (achievement awards, feelings cards, coping strategies, hidden social keys cards, and character profiles). Emma, Zack and their dog are the featured, animated characters who are faced with social scenarios in a realistic environment/world. The characters use a hand-held “Digital Problem Solving” device to make appropriate behavioral decisions. A matching app called DPS (Digital Problem Solving) can be purchased separately to go along with the use of Social Express. The Social Express provides for specific practice of social skills.
Karen I. Bennett, Speech/Language Clinician
Middletown Elementary

I did purchase your program, the Social Express, and I consider it to be a miracle for some of my Asperger’s children!!  Their parents have commented on how they are carrying over some of the skills they learned in the Social Express and how they seem to be doing better at trying to consider others feelings and wishes.

Engaging ★★★★★

by MissSpeechTeach

First saw this at a conference and loved its engaging graphics. Bought for my elementary students on spectrum on Autism Awareness Day- thanks! Back to school and using it again. Often end many sessions with these vignettes- a real treat. Tough concepts for kids made meaningful and fun! Also would love expanded learning modules.

Autism Plugged In Review

The Social Express Takes Kids Through Social Situations With Ease!

One of the things that might stand out about The Social Express app for iPad is the price tag – at a whopping $89.99, this app isn’t something that you purchase without researching.  Having used the autism app and experienced it for myself, I can assure you that the program is worth the cost if you have a child who needs to build effective social skills!

The Social Express app is full of beautifully detailed animations which take users through countless different social situations.  All the while, the app shows them the proper responses and allows kids to test their social knowledge by helping the characters make good choices!

It’s really an engaging app, and kids with autism will not only receive great benefits from the program – they’ll love using it too!

The Social Express: An Innovative Tool for Overcoming Social Learning Challenges
by SouthEast Psych

Just like IQs, we each have a unique EQ, or emotional intelligence quotient. However, in the same way that IQs can be developed over time, EQs can be built through explicit learning and practice, as well. Especially for our kids with social learning challenges, it is essential to provide opportunities for emotional intelligence growth.

One of the most innovative tools we’ve seen recently is called The Social Express, “an engaging, interactive software application designed for children with autism, Asperger’s, and ADHD.” This program uses video modeling to teach kids how to deal with social situations, which, in turn, builds their capacity to develop meaningful relationships and adjust to life’s obstacles.

Practice Social Skills by 

Why we like it: Social thinking app based on the concepts of true experts

This app is in a class of its own when it comes to social skill development. It is made with beautiful animation and is interactive in nature. Kids interact with characters Zach and Emma as they ride The Social Express bus to town and learn 16 social lessons in 30 scenes along the way. Lessons include eye contact, listening with the whole body, being part of the group, managing emotions, among others.  This is a must have app.

This App Is Amazing great for Kids with Aspbergers, ADHD and other social challenges ★★★★★

by Review-App

This App is great we Paid full Price around 10 months ago soon after we bought it it was on sale 50% then autism awerness day was $19.99 But I can say at any price it is Awesome, Worth the full price. This is Great for kids 8 and up for kids with Aspbergers and ADHD teaches how to react to social sitiations with peers and [How] Hpw to react to peers attention, taking turns, focusing and how to react and teach emotional responces and there [isn’t] isnt any wrong answer because when they pick a answer that  [isn’t] isnt the right responce because instead of having a negitive reaction to a different answer they help direct your child to the right reaction instead of the child thinking they were wrong it says in a [gentle] gental way there is another way…

Ps They Have some CD,s for kids with relaxing calming Music and some songs have a soft jazzy [should] sould with helps kids relax too ( My kids love The Social Express and The Music CD’s are Awesome The Social Express Is Amazing and I [can’t] cant say enough great things on how they help kids with Apsbergers, PDD/NOS and ADHD and more with social [difficulties] diffulities…

Melinda Donovan

I’m so excited about your wonderful software!! I have 2 children on the autism spectrum ages 12 and 15 and they love the characters because they look like kids at school. Real people in the same situations they find challenging is allowing some great modelling and generalizing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Visionary.

From TheiMum

This program is very well done- it has high quality graphics and animation. My 8 year-old found it very engaging – he really wanted to watch all the videos and help solve the questions. The ideas behind it – the “hidden social cues” are simple basic rules for social interactions but ones that some children (both on the Autism Spectrum and off of it) need a lot of help learning. This program isn’t a magic fix for social problems, but it is a good place to start.

To make the most of this program you need to invest time in it, sitting down with your child, watching the videos together and discussing them. Then, just as importantly, you need to create a plan and continue working on using these skills and implementing them in real life situations. If you are a parent with a child who struggles socially and needs help learning these rules, and you are willing to invest the required time and energy, then I would recommend you strongly consider buying this program.

The complete review by is located here.

by Review-App

This App Is Amazing great for Kids with Aspbergers,ADHD and other social challenges ★★★★★

This App is great we Paid full Price around 10 months ago soon after we bought it it was on sale 50% then autism awerness day was $19.99 But I can say at any price it is Awesome, Worth the full price.

This is Great for kids 8 and up for kids with Aspbergers and ADHD teaches how to react to social sitiations with peers and Hpw [sic] to react to peers attention, taking turns, focusing and how to react and teach emotional responces and there isnt [sic] any wrong answer because when they pick a answer that isnt [sic] the right responce [sic] because instead of having a negitive reaction to a different answer they help direct your child to the right reaction instead of the child thinking they were wrong it says in a gental way there is another way… Ps They Have some CD,s for kids with relaxing calming Music and some songs have a soft jazzy sould with helps kids relax too ( My kids love The Social Express and The Music CD’s are Awesome The Social Express Is Amazing and I cant say enough great things on how they help kids with Apsbergers,PDD/NOS and ADHD and more with social diffulities…

Autism Asperger’s Digest

The Social Express is educational software designed to teach users how to think about and manage social situations, helping them to develop meaningful social relationships and succeed in life.

The interactive content teaches social skills as it follows characters through social interactions around town. The Social Express is based on best practices for helping children and young adults with ASD to learn social skills—and has wrapped them into an exciting platform.

The lessons build on each another to teach skills that include perspective-taking, understanding that others have feelings, and coping before an impending meltdown. It is designed to start discussions on social situations giving opportunities for parents to interact with their children frequently throughout the program.

Angela Desideri M.S., CCC-SLP, Director of Speech-Language Pathology, Global Augmentative Communication Innovators

For students with high functioning autism, Asperger’s and/or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who have social language deficits, The Social Express captures and maintains their attention like no other tool I have seen. 

It’s so comprehensive; not only does it systematically teach social skills, it contains “teaching tips” as well as printables which really help to carryover skills taught in the lessons and assist with generalization. 

Pam and Holly from Public School SLPs blog

The Social Express is more like watching a show on Disney than working on social skills on the iPad. I am so impressed with the work that went into making this app. Here’s what Holly and I love:

– awesome graphics that keep students engaged
– fully animated
– lessons that are real life scenarios
– customizable to your each of your students
– printable lessons
– research based

Rebecca Penina Simon, mother and educator

The Social Express is one of the few social skills apps that my son enjoys using – so much so that he actually asks to use it. This app is a bit pricey but for good reason as there is no other social skills app like it. And a child being able to exhibit proper social skills and create meaningful relationships is priceless.

Katie Holler, a mother of five daughters including three diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

Katie finds that The Social Express is a valuable educational tool in her toolbox. She believes there are lots of learning apps available, but nothing that presents the skills she has set as goals for her daughters like The Social Express.

According to Katie, “The Social Express is pretty amazing. When you use it, it’s almost like watching an animated Hollywood movie. Except it’s interactive and I can stop the program at any time to talk with my daughters about the choices the characters in social situations can make.”

The Social Express wins major award from Software & Information Industry Association

The Software & Information Industry Association’s (SIIA) Innovation Incubator Program recognized The Social Express with:

First place: The education technology Most Likely to Succeed.

We also received second place for Most Innovative technology. Here is the link to the SIIA press release.

From Jessica  blogger at SomewhereOverthe

My DPS (Digital Problem Solver) is a fantastic app that teaches valuable skills relating to emotions and coping strategies. This app is easy to use and customize to show a range of emotions. The animations and video quality are nicely done. The music is a nice touch as well. After reading my review, Marc Zimmerman, CEO-Founder of The Social Express, informed me that he wrote all of the music. You can find his songs on LimeGreen Limousine. A portion of all proceeds go to Autism Research.

Video review by Gary James, founder of the apps review and community website, Apps for Children with Special Needs.

Gary explains in the video that the neat thing about this software is not just the neat pictures, and music and “coping strategies” but that you can pick our your own pictures and add them yourself to the app.

And the neat part is that you can also use photos of your own kids to be one of the coping strategies. You can watch the video review of My Digital Problem Solver social learning software by clicking here.

From Anne

Hi, My name is Anne. I am 19 years old and I have PDD-NOS. I LOVE your social express app! It is so beneficial! Amazing graphics etc. And it totally holds my attention! :) I was wondering will more levels/lessons be added? And also has a young adult or adult or teen version been considered? When will the digital problem solver app be available? Thanks!


Best Social Skills App – ★★★★★

by Maki Pardo

Honestly one of the best applications available for students under the spectrum! This app allowed me to observe how well many of my students understand and can learn about emotions, are able to read body language and facial expressions, and can choose appropriate actions during varying social situations! This interactive and engaging app has amazing graphics and covers many social skill topics ASD students need to acquire. I had the opportunity to meet Marc Zimmerman, CEO & Founder, and Jon Cornick, President, at the CEC conference in Denver! (CEC, Council for Exceptional Children) Two genuine guys who truly care about students and learning! Don’t think twice about buying! I guarantee you will love it as much as I do!!!!

A real gift for my son and our family – ★★★★★

by Marydale

The Social Express is a wonderful experience for me and my son, who is almost 6 and was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 4. We bought our first iPad just a few days before purchasing the Social Express, so it was a real treat to get to know the device by using the Social Express along with a whole bunch of other apps that appealed to Thomas. No matter how much he liked the trains, games, and other creative and fun apps, he always kept coming back to the Social Express. I asked him to try to wait and use it only when we could work on it together – as recommended so that I could read the hints and cues and we could talk about his responses, but he couldn’t get enough of it. When he selects a good choice to deal with a situation, I can see the sense of accomplishment in his face. Thomas has been attending a social skills class for the last two years, and this app truly supports what he’s learned, and also confirms that he’s maturing and learning the skills he needs to successfully communicate with kids and adults in school as well as in the community. This tool is realistic, interactive and age appropriate. Thank you Social Express! I can’t wait for more content! Keep it coming!

Social Skills Program Director and teacher

This is a progressive school for children with Asperger Syndrome, high-functioning Autism, and language learning disabilities. The California school helps children in grades 6 to 12.

She began by using The Social Express Light, and she says, in part:

The Social Express was used to enrich our topic of the month, Problem Solving.  We projected the iPad screen on the board for everyone to see and interact with the lesson.

That afternoon I quickly purchased the full application. The past three days have been incredible!

Students have been extremely receptive to this 15-20 min lesson and have shown strong engagement, participation on all levels, high interest, and accurate recall in these lesson students are so excited about this application so much so that they ask to do multiple lessons during the class period!

This application is so effective in the classroom! Thank you for creating and sharing this relevant and essential social skills application and I look forward to continue our use in the classroom and share it with parents, students, professionals, and organizations in our community!


Katie Holler was interviewed recently by News 14 in North Carolina. Holler said programs like The Social Express coupled with other types of therapy can make a big difference in behavior.

According to Holler, iPad apps are are beneficial because children enjoy them and it keeps them focused. “The fact that they’re asking for it and enjoy playing on it, to me, is a positive and it’s showing that it’s effective,” said Holler. You can view the complete video interview here.


Thanks for the printables. I just bought the app a few days ago and have had a chance to look at all of the level one lessons, I have used the first three so far with the students I work with; two seven year olds with autism. They love the program and so do I. It is paced so that they get a lot of information they need, but slowly enough that they have time to process. The skills you chose to target are perfect, and are exactly what they need to work on. The graphics are also beautiful and hold my students’ attention without being over stimulating. The printables are great for working on generalization. I look forward to any future apps you come out with or added content for this app, more scenes addressing the same skills would help with generalization.

Alexa vanBelle
Paisley School District

I do the ordering for a home school program and place orders with close to a hundred vendors. The customer service at The Social Express goes above and beyond. We had trouble with a few of our downloads; the problem was on our end. After speaking with customer service, the problem was solved instantly with absolutely no problems. I even had to call a second time and was greeted with as much patience and helpful advice as the first. Social Express and their customer service team is wonderful and is coming highly recommended!

Irena Dikadzic

Thanks for the printables!
First time I’ve heard about your app is when I googled ‘apps for kids with autism’ and then there was some website which recommended The Social Express. After that I have heard about Social Express on various FB pages, such as A4cwsn, Smart apps for kids, Technology in education… I have also joined your FB page and downloaded the light version, which my son loved, he is 5. Then, when you announced the sale I knew I had to buy it, which made my son very happy. He asks for Social Express every day. His favorite part is when they get mad and frustrated. Thank you so much for the great app and for the sale!

Tara Seaton Holcomb

It has been a couple months now since I won the IPAD version on Family Network Radio and I just want to express again how awesome this app is. My son said today, “I learned on Social Express that I need to take five deep breaths.” He still is using all the lessons and learning over and over again. Best autism app (for my sons level) out there!!!!

Angela Pitts  Behavior Analyst, BCABA

Social Express is a program that every teacher should have in their classroom. It allows students to actively participate in interactive lessons that are meaningful. As a behavior analyst and special education teacher, I use this application to explicitly teach replacement behaviors that are socially acceptable and gain reinforcement in the natural environment. The program increases social thinking in students with autism and promotes both social interaction and play. Our team uses the program in a reversed mainstream setting allowing students with and without disabilities to learn, play, and interact with each other.

Claudia Torres, MA-SLP

I have been using the Social Express during my speech and language  sessions (elementary school). My students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (high functioning) and Aspergers syndrome are  responding really well to the activities. They are beginning to show  some generalization after a few weeks of working with this program. It
would be great if the DPS becomes an app in the future. My older students keep asking me if they can get one of those to help them remember and select coping strategies.

Groundbreaking app for teaching social skills! – ★★★★★


This app plays like a movie. What a wonderful way to teach social skills to kids, especially to kids on the spectrum who learn so well from video modeling. We were able to put this up on the Smart Board in a room with several young children with autism, and they were riveted. You can let the characters make different choices and see how they play out, and you can help your students learn to read the facial expressions of the characters as the different scenarios play out. It’s really well put together, and the animation is just amazing. Kids really connect with this.

Great app!! – ★★★★★

Meggie V

My son is 6 with autism. He used this app during therapy one day and I downloaded the free version, due to the sticker shock of the full version. He was so excited that he picked watching it load instead of a favorite movie. I love that there are instructions that help you create a dialog with the target user that pop up at different times during a lesson. You can also turn those instructions off. I’m also impressed with the “create your own adventure” type element they have when the user is given a choice of actions. For example, if you pick the option that the person should yell, it plays that action out and shows the effects. I will most definitely purchase the full version!

Nanci Finley  Facebook

AWESOME! This is a great app for not only my son who has Asperger’s Syndrome but for any child with delays in social skills! I love this app and so does my son. He really gets into it and “acts” as part of the characters as if he is right there with them! =)

Chantal Sicile-Kira Endorses The Social Express

The Social Express is a great program in many respects. First, the aesthetics: Often programs have so much going on visually that it is too distracting from the actual lesson – but not Social Express…. read more

Great for adolescents too – ★★★★★

by Lisa C.

A fabulous app! Social Express works well for students of varying cognitive and perspective taking abilities. My students love the crisp characters; The narrayor’s soothing voice is easy on my ears (a good thing since the kids beg for it.). The music is a velvety backdrop, nice for kids who are easily over stimulated. Social Express is easily adapted for students with language learning and speech production issues as well. I appreciate how well this app supports teaching Michelle Garcia Winner’s social thinking concepts.

Social thinking app?! WOW! – ★★★★

by Pudding_75

I downloaded this app when we first bought the iPad for our family. I am a mom of three kids, an 8 year old daughter with limited language and severe challenges in social skills and autism, a set of twin 5 year old sons; one also with autism yet fully verbal but needing a great deal of help with social cues and emotional regulation skills and his brother who is not autistic but benefits greatly from the social thinking curriculum. All three of my children loved the lite version of this app. The lifelike characters and true life situations are perfect for helping to learn to navigate the social world. My daughter loves to play the balloon flying away scene over and She also learned to explain she was frightened/ scared of a barking dog instead of shrieking and running away! My son is motivated by the speakers calm voice. He often chose this app when allowed free choice on the iPad. I can only imagine he would enjoy the other lessons as well. I would be very interested in trying the full version and I am sure my children’s school would also be interested in it as they use the Social Thinking curriculum throughout the entire school (public elementary).

A Triple A Ap! (An Ap for All Kids!) – ★★★★★

by Special-K Mom (jane F.)

A Triple A App! An App for All Kids!! Social Skills are crucial for all kids more so when they have ANY kind of special needs. For those of us parents of kids with ‘invisible orphan diseases and disorders’ like RSD/CRPS and EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), society doesn’t understand them, can’t cure them, and is oblivious to the fact that they are socially isolating these kids. When afflicted with these little known disorders the kids soon end up becoming ‘professional patients’. Their social skills hit the toilet because they are use to Dr talk. Social skills classes are not an option because they’re usually house or dr. bound. on rare occasions when they get out, they lack the social skills. This ap will help these forgotten ones. Thank you!!

Love the lite version, want to get the full version – ★★★★★

by tarainmo

My son with autism absolutely loves this app and has memorized the first two lessons. High quality and definitely worth the money.

Engaging social skills lessons! – ★★★★★

 A. Taylor

I am a Speech Language Pathology Assistant and also the mom of an 8 year old with high-functioning-autism, and a 4 year old with some developmental delays. I am thrilled to see this app out in the Apple Store. The two sample lessons are enough to make me know I want the full version, but they are also fully functional lessons that I can use with my students now. For example, in one of the scenes, students can watch a scene, which can be paused or replayed as needed. The student is asked to identify the emotions displayed, and answer questions about what is happening. Then the child is given the opportunity to change the outcome to a more positive one, through choosing from various coping strategies. I like how relatable topics were chosen, like video games and ice cream, nicely done!

One of the most impressive apps I’ve seen to date!!! – ★★★★★


“This app has to be one of the best apps I’ve seen on the market yet. It has been a magic worker for my almost 8yr old daughter and I plan on starting my 6yr old son on it too, both of which have autism and adhd and have significant social skill problems. This app has helped my daughter so much that she just recently found her first friend and I credit that to this app as she has started to learn and use many of the skills taught in this app :).”

Mandy Nite- Mom, Blogger

Social Express – ★★★★★


“I just watched the demo online. I love that the same characters will be used and the situation that I saw “possible meltdown”, was perfect…I could just envision some of the kids I work with doing this exact thing, but I also like the rehearsal concept so they can see what it looks like to someone else and then decide. This is a wonderful idea. I would definitely use something like this as an intervention technique, particularly since many of the children I’ve worked with are enamored with technology, videos and animation in particular. Thanks for sharing this, it’s truly wonderful.”

SLP Franklin -McKinley School District

“I search the app store regularly for areas that I don’t feel I have good apps for and was thrilled to find your app for social skills. I downloaded your free app last Wednesday and was very impressed with the quality and so I decided today to download the full version. I can hardly wait to try it with my students next week. Thanks again for all your help and I wish you all the best in this new adventure!”

A Doctor, Psychologist and A Mother of Three Girls Share Their Thoughts About Our Award Winning Program.

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