Top Tech Blogger,Robert Scoble, Interviews The Social Express CEO Marc Zimmerman & President Jon Cornick

When I first heard that Robert Scoble had a child with Autism, I immediately reached out to him for an interview. One problem, we didn’t have the program finished yet, in fact, if my memory serves me correctly we didn’t even have our demo done.

However, Robert took my call and heard my pitch. He was very kind and told me he would be happy to help support our product when we finished and in the market. As soon as we launched he was notified and kept good on his word.

Robert was very generous with his time and allowed us to discuss every detail about The Social Express. Thanks again Rob for giving parents who may have a kid with autism or any other social-emotional learning challenge a way of hearing about new products like ours!

What bloggers do you like to follow for your kids with autism?

Here is the video

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