Mike Levine

Mike has been working with interactive and digital media for 20 years.  Mike is a veteran of Lucas Arts Entertainment, where he was in a senior position in the art department, and developed several art production techniques on classics such as ‘Sam & Max Hit the Road,’ ‘Full Throttle,’ ‘The Dig,’ ‘Rebel Assault 1 and 2,’ and ‘Jedi Knight: The Force Within – I&II.’ In 1997, Mike left Lucas Arts to form Puffin Designs, a software company founded by ILM veterans, Lucas’ Effects Division, where he was Product Marketing Manager for the award-winning program ‘Commotion’.  In 1999 he formed Pileated Pictures, which has gone on to become a leader in the online gaming and virtual world fields. Happy Giant, Mike’s latest venture, focuses on mobile and social games. They have made games with Jay-Z, Dark Horse Comics, and Paramount Pictures, as well as publish several of their own apps, including the successful “Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends”.


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