How to Talk to Parents of Kids with Autism

Dad-of-kids-with-autismAlong with (at least) 10,000 other parents of kids with autism, we were blown away by a recent blog post on The post was titled, 50 Things You Should Say to Autism Parents. Caroline Passey and her “Facebook Friends” created a wonderful list of things all parents of kids with autism would love to hear more often.

As parents of two kids with autism, we love the idea of increasing autism awareness. Lists like this one are easy to share. They’re bound to help people who don’t understand what it’s like to have (or be around) kids with autism.

We feel many people want to help or, at least, say the right thing. They just don’t know what that “right thing to say to parents of kids with autism” is.

We know this because a few brave, honest people have admitted it to us. Now we have a wonderful list to share with them!


Here are a few things we’d love to hear from people when we’re out with our kids with autism.

Our favorites from the list of the 50 Things You Should Say to Autism Parents


1.    How can I help?

2.   What’s the best way for my child to play with yours?  I’m sure they will be great friends once they get to know each other.

3.   How should I explain autism to my kids?

 4.   I don’t care if your kid turns the lights on and off a billion times, is obsessed with our washing machine, or ________ (insert random behavior here), he is welcome here any day.

5.   Hey, I think clothes are annoying too.

6.   Tell me about autism.

7.   Who cares if she has a pacifier/blanket/stuffed animal/etc.  It makes her feel more comfortable.  That’s all that matters.

8.   I know that every child with autism is different, tell me about yours.

9.   I think __________ (insert child’s obsession here) is pretty cool too.


You can read the entire list by clicking here to visit the complete article on

Also, take time to read the comments on 50 Things You Should Say to Autism Parents. The commenters are all insightful and some are downright sobering.

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