Our Social Learning Software Listed as a Favorite App by My NYC Tutors


We are happy that our social learning software was included in a list of favorite apps for children with special needs! The teachers from My NYC Tutors wrote a great review about The Social Express.

Our social learning software app was described as one of their 3 favorite apps for special needs children! The 3 apps discussed in the article were all recommended by their special education teachers.

The myNYCtutors.com blog article says in part,

Children who suffer from an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often have difficulties with social situations and may have significant social skill problems.  This makes it difficult for those with an ASD to form meaningful relationships.

Since ‘social rules’ are largely unspoken, those with an ASD often have to learn these rules as opposed to picking them up naturally. This is where the Social Express really shines.

You can read the complete My NYC Tutor’s review by clicking here: http://mynyctutors.com/?p=2449

We are so honored when special education teachers who like using The Social Express with their students, take the time to write about us.   The article states that our social learning software app is a great way for children to pick up on social cues. We also like that the review notes that children with autism seem to really enjoy it, “The graphics are top-notch and most children seem to really enjoy it.”

Thank you, My NYC Tutors!

You can read more special education and education articles on their blog. Like this one that explains how to use cooking to teach math. How cool is that? http://mynyctutors.com/?p=1961

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