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The Social Express wins 2014 ON Learning Award for Digital Learningsimple-logo


The Social Express and a group of researchers just completed an early stage simulation video game which targets Life and Work related skills.

Your son or daughter is invited to test it, and for your participation we will be giving away a free annual subscription to The Social Express social skills program.


Teens with special needs who are on a path of independent living. We need feedback from  transition-aged students (13-20 yrs old) with autism and other cognitive disabilities. Users need basic computer skills such as operating a mouse.


We are testing an early version of our video game. You can help us make it better! We believe the game will help adolescents with disabilities learn daily living skills, social skills, and work skills that will prepare them for success in the 21st Century workforce. If you decide to participate, it will take about one and a half hours of time. Your child  will play the game and then participate in a group discussion. Parents will be asked to complete a brief survey. We will also interview a select group of parents to see if their child’s interactions during the game are consistent with how they act at home.


Mid to end of May. Exact dates still to be determined based on availability of participants.


Central location in San Diego


If you are interested in participating in this study, please email the following information to:
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The Social ExpressWho is The Social Express?

The Social Express™ is an interactive online program which teaches children how to think about and manage social situations. It enables them to build social-emotional skills needed to develop meaningful relationships and succeed in life. Find more information by going to