Our Company

What Are Our Mission, Vision, & Values?

It is our mission and vision to empower parents, professionals and, most importantly, people who live with social learning challenges. We will accomplish our mission and fulfill our vision by researching and developing the most effective, fun and engaging learning tools.

What Is Our Philosophy?

From the very beginning, our company has set the bar high by mandating that we create the most innovative teaching tools. We use high quality animation, interactivity, and relatable characters to provide each child with a unique and invaluable experience. It is our goal to create exciting, innovative new products to assist with social and life skills for every developmental stage that children go through.

How Do We Want to Change The World?

Social skills are the foundation for getting along with others. There is an immediate need for quality educational tools that focus specifically on social and emotional learning.

Our Mission & Vision
To innovate quality programs and services that help people live successful lives through bringing online individualized intervention resources that motivate students to learn.


Ten years ago, Marc and Tina Zimmerman were blessed with identical twin boys. Soon after their second birthday, the boys were both diagnosed with autism, a disorder which affects a person’s ability to relate to others. The journey to improve their communication and social skills had begun. After noticing their attention and engagement when working with a therapist using a computer program, Marc began investigating available software.

Initial research and development produced their first demo, The Language Express, in 2010. The company, The Language Express™, was formed. An Advisory Board was organized and a development team aligned to work on the company’s first release, The Social Express™.

Thanks to the dedication of over 25 people The Social Express is available today! Future plans include add-ons featuring new characters, locations, and story lines. We have also begun research and development on a program for teens, which will focus on social interactions common for older children. In addition, The Language Express will be expanded and polished for release to our younger audience to practice expressive language skills.

Founders Marc and Tina Zimmerman were excited to see how much their twin boys engaged with their home therapist when she used a laptop during her sessions. But the programs were very low quality and would only hold the boys’ attention for a short while. The idea to create a high quality, interactive software program was born.

After we completed very thorough research, the first design document was written for a prototype program. We formed a relationship with a successful video game producer and began development late in the year.

The prototype was completed in the fall. We then attended the USAAA conference in Missouri and met many great people who endorsed the prototype. We now had proof of concept and a lot of positive feedback. From this phase, we had enough information to write our final scope for the Social Express!

We began developing The Social Express in January. We had assembled one of the greatest development teams out there and were just counting down the days until beta.
When we were delivered our first playable scene, we were speechless. The animation looked incredible. The final product was delivered in October and we are so proud of the results!