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People Who Struggle with Social and Emotional Skills

The Social Express™ targets core deficit areas that stand in the way of school, social, and life success for children and young adults with social learning challenges.

Social Learning is a Challenge

Individuals with social learning challenges require direct instruction, with each facet of every skill broken down into small pieces.

The Social Express addresses these areas of need by providing a highly interactive and visual presentation and utilizing an additional component which allows for the generalization of skills outside of the teaching environment.

Identifying Red Flags

Individuals with social learning challenges may exhibit any of the following:
● A lack of eye contact during conversations
● Inappropriate facial expressions for the situation
● The inability to interpret body language
● The inability to recognize appropriate physical space between themselves and others
● Making inappropriate noises
● The inability to understand sarcasm or use metaphors
● The inability to see another individual’s perspective
● The inability to let go of an argument
● The inability to stay on topic during a conversation
● Speaking in long monologues
● Interrupting others
● Difficulty initiating conversations
● Difficulty participating in peer groups
● Unawareness of social rules
● Limited or no understanding and inability to use slang, idioms, and inference


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