Help with Asperger’s: A Fun, Interactive Social Skills Learning Program

If you have a child or a student who needs social skills help with Asperger’s, ADHD, autism or other related disorder, welcome! You’re in the right place. This is our blog for The Social Express.

What is The Social Express?

The Social Express is a new, unique software program designed to teach children social skills using fun, interactive play.  Our social skills learning program is comprehensive with 16 lessons and 30 scenes. It uses original, engaging, animated characters and video modeling to hold your child’s attention. Our social skills learning program is evidence-based and designed to be used by you with your child or student.

Parents tell us that our program provides help with Asperger’s because kids who need help learning social skills get really engaged with our beautifully animated, original characters like Emma and Zack. We hear the same feedback from, school administrators, teachers, and Speech Language Professionals (SLPs). You can see what others say about their children’s and students’ experiences with The Social Express by clicking here.

How Does The Social Express Help with Asperger’s?

If your child is diagnosed on the autism spectrum or with Asperger’s, he may not have developed the basic skills that will help him to make friends. He may need extra help to learn the social skills that can help him to interact successfully with his peers.  As a parent, The Social Express gives you a learning tool you can use at home with your child to reinforce the social skills he’s learning in therapy or at school.

If you’re a SLP or teacher, you can join many SLPs and educators who use our social skills learning program in sessions with their students.

The software targets core social deficit areas that stand in the way of school and life success for children and young adults with social learning challenges. That’s why it’s so helpful for kids diagnosed with ADHD and other related disorders. It provides help for Asperger’s by teaching your child how to think about and manage social situations.

The Social Express Provides Help with Asperger'sThe Social Express uses original characters and socially valid dialog to provide a fun and evidence-based teaching approach for children with Asperger’s and other social learning challenges. Many children enjoy the program so much, they ask to use it daily! The Social Express also helps children with nonverbal learning disabilities or pragmatic language deficits.

Our community of SLPs, educators, and parents also tell us that the social skills lessons are quite realistic. Each of the 30 scenes reinforces the best choices for kids to make in social situations. Parents, SLPs and teachers like that The Social Express holds children’s attention without over stimulation.

How does The Social Express help with social learning challenges?

The Social Express provides help with Asperger’s because it targets core deficit social skill areas that are often challenging for children. The interactive software learning program uses video modeling to help children to see how to improve their social skills in areas such as:

–       How to be with a group

–       Using your eyes to figure out what to say or do

–       Identifying feelings and coping strategies

–       Developing conversational skills

–       Using figurative language in conversation

And much more!

Award Winner

The Social Express is a peer-reviewed program that recently won the coveted Software Information and Industry Association (SIIA) innovation Incubator Award in Tech Ed. And what we’re really the most proud about are the positive comments we receive from parents and professionals who use it everyday to help children get better at making good decisions in social situations with their peers at school and at play.

Enjoy your visit to The Social Express! Let us know if you have questions by contacting us here: contact (at)

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