Great Review of App: Social Skills Coping Strategies for Kids

Common Sense Media Reviews My DPS, by The Social ExpressThanks to Common Sense Media for a great review of a social skills app for kids from The Social Express: My DPS, Digital Problem Solver!

My Digital Problem Solver Helps Kids with Social Skills Coping Techniques

Here is an excerpt from the review of our social skills coping app for kids:

What parents Need to Know:

Parents need to know that My DPS is an excellent app to teach emotions and problem-solving techniques. The app focuses on identifying a variety of emotions through facial expressions, body language, and written/spoken language, and suggests coping strategies to deal with a range of social situations. My DPS is short for “My Digital Problem Solver” and uses CGI-animated videos to show social situations and coping skills in settings relevant to kids.

My Digital Problem Solver app, by The Social ExpressMy DPS is an excellent app to help teach emotions and social problem solving techniques. It’s easy to use, can be customized to show a variety of emotions, and teaches valuable everyday life skills. The CGI animations are impressive, and the app’s music is calming with comforting lyrics. The app would be even better if it had a spoken text option for non-readers and a way to import video to customize coping strategies options.

That said, My DPS is a fantastic tool to help kids learn effective coping techniques. You can read the complete review by clicking here.

What kids can learn

Kids can learn to identify emotions and successful coping mechanisms, as well as hone interpersonal skills to help them manage a variety of social situations. The CGI animations also help kids handle stress by developing self-reliance to move beyond emotional obstacles. The in-app visual and aural cues are accessible to kids with developmental and learning differences. While the aural and video cues can’t be modified, still picture and text cues can be customized to match specific emotions and coping strategies. The customization options and impressive animations help make My DPS a great way to learn about emotions.

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