Fun Easter Ideas for Children with Special Needs

Here at The Social Express, we usually share ideas for helping your special needs child to improve his skills for making friends. You’ll find our recent posts with suggestions for basic ways to help your child control his emotions here, make eye contact here and do better at following the rules, here.

Since it’s nearly Easter and the start of spring is nearly here, it’s an excellent time to get creative with your children! So we’re sharing ideas for creativity that we’ve found online.

We found a great idea on L.A. Parent website in an article by Elaine Hall about helping your special needs child to make friends. She suggests bringing your child’s peers from school into your home. Consider having a short, Easter themed activity at home, where your child is more comfortable. Hall explains that you might find that other kids at school without special needs may be happy to get to know your child better.

Hall explains, “My son, now 19, remains friends with our neighbors’ children, who joined him in his playroom when he was just 3. “ You’ll find Elaine Hall’s full article here.

Find out if there are any groups in your area who bring together teenage volunteers and children with disabilities for fun and friendship building events.

Alison McDonald shares a cute idea she calls “Easy Left Over Easter Egg” for creating an easy craft project. It also uses some math for measuring. The supplies you will need are: a sheet of construction paper, a marker, some left over party streamers, scissors and glue. Check out her photos here:

The Kinderart website has a novel Easter egg dyeing idea using rubber bands. They call it Rubber Band Eggs. Your child wraps an egg with rubber bands before lowering it into the dye. Then when the rubber bands are removed, your child has a unique design.

Kidspot Website has tons of creative Easter ideas! From bunny hat masks to Easter placemats. Click to this site and search for more cool craft ideas. They have several!

Looking for ideas for family activities for spring? Check your local city websites for Easter family activities in your town. Also look into your neighborhood churches or The Y for special Easter activities.

For families in New Jersey, here’s a fun train ride offered with the Easter Bunny himself! Last year in Richmond a massive Easter Egg hunt was hosted by Village of Faith Ministries. They say that up to 5,000 attendees participate and they include a special egg hunt designed for children with special needs. Here is a list of several Easter Egg hunts scheduled in the Portland, Oregon area.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful time celebrating Easter or welcoming springtime!

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