Reviews The Social Express, a nonprofit group associated with Easter Seals Services for People with Disabilities, of Greater Houston, reviewed The Social Express. We are honored to have their review! Here is an portion of the review by

This is an app designed to work on pragmatic language or social skills with children, teenagers and even young adults. It was designed for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders but is appropriate for any child struggling with social skills.

The app is a series of structured animated videos and activities or lessons built around characters at the preteen level. The videos are high quality and proved to be quite engaging and fun to watch. It captured the attention of children ages 7 and up at varying developmental levels and deficits in social skills. Each video is built around a social key for the child to practice and learn. The app is highly structured with an introduction, practice activities, followed by an interactive review of the skill learned.

We have used this app with children between the ages of 7 and 12 with diagnoses on the autism spectrum. Each of them were engaged willingly throughout their sessions and enjoyed the videos and activities. The children were able to retell the story and the targeted social skill. All were willing to continue with the app throughout a therapy session, and we noted the app is also a great way to practice turn-taking, which is a crucial social skill to master.

A great add-on idea to this app would be to have the children role play each scenario after watching the video and completing the activities on The Social Express.

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