Our New Autism Software App For Kids Gets A Thumbs Up!

Autism-Software-social-learning-softwareOur friends at SmartAppsForkids.com called us, …

Developers of everyone’s favorite social stories app!

Gee, thanks! Developing autism software to improve kids lives by helping them with social skills is our passion.

SmartAppsForkids.com reviewed our newest app, The Digital Problem Solver.

The Digital Problem Solver (DPS) was originally part of our autism software, The Social Express. DPS is a social learning software tool that you can use with your kids from your iPhone.

DPS Autism Software Helps Your Kids Cope

DPS helps your kids with autism, Asperger’s or ADHD when they’re having trouble self-regulating. Just like the characters in The Social Express, your child can select from an emotion he or she is having trouble with.

Then–just like the Social Express Characters–your child picks a coping strategy to try. And you can customize DPS. Just add in your own pictures of emotions. Add in your own name for the emotion. It can be a photo that means something to your child, like their favorite movie character, or another family member.

Then a funny thing happened on the way to the app store…

Lots of parents, educators and kids bought and used our autism software. (We were hugely grateful, by the way).  And they asked us to make The Digital Problem Solver into its own app.  Who knew?!

So, we did! Digital Problem Solver is now a completely separate autism software app available for the iPhone, iPad, itouch and Android. Find more info by clicking here.

You can read the review by SmartAppsforKids.com by clicking here.

Thanks Smart Apps for Kids!


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