Autism Software: 5 Winners of iPad GIVEAWAY

Autism-Software-The-Social-ExpressWe have the five winners of our autism software GIVEAWAY! Thanks to all who participated in our contest to giveaway our education for autism learning app!


Autism Software Winners Emails Sent

Congratulations to our 5 winners! We sent each of them emails early today, telling the codes so they can download the iPad version of The Social Express.

We also emailed to each of the winners a copy of The Social Express Printables.

Here are the first names and last name initials (where provided) of the five winners:



Suzie B.


Jennifer F.

Please follow the download instructions in the email you received from us today. Please download your iPad version of The Social Express by June 22, 2012.

Using Education for Autism Apps: Suggestions

We recommend that our winners follow these steps when using their new education for autism app.

1. Before using our autism software interactive app with your child, read The Social Express Guide. It explains how to use The Social Express learning program, vocabulary terms and gives you “Teaching Tips”.

2. Get familiar with the Printables. These paper sheets help you to carryover the skills covered with your child during the interactive lessons.

3. Always work through the program with your child. Don’t let him or her use the program by themselves. This way, you can stop the app whenever you want to discuss a skill or decision made by the characters with your child.

4. Go through one lesson at a time. This allows you to reinforce learning when your child is going through his or her day. Your child may want to go through many lessons in one sitting. Don’t let them.

Good luck! Let us know how your child likes The Social Express, autism software.

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