Autism Help for Parents: Great Tips from a Sensory Design Specialist


Autism-Help-for-Parents-With-a-Brush-of-LoveWhen you’re a parent of a child on the autism spectrum you’ve got a thousand (extra) things to do. We hear you! Maybe redecorating your child’s room doesn’t fall high on your list. But we loved the child’s bedroom improvement ideas shared by Environmental designer Lauren S. Henry. We thought you might find a tip or two to help you.

Lauren Henry uses color and pattern to support children’s environmental needs and provide autism help for parents. She applies a wide variety of techniques to transform the lives of children diagnosed with autism and other special needs through their surroundings.

Here are our favorite tips from Lauren’s helpful list.

Autism Help for Parents: 3 Sensory Design Tips from Lauren S. Henry


Use indirect lamps for lighting. Examine all the lighting in your home and your child’s bedroom. Lauren advises that you “stay away from all florescent lighting, period.” Try lamps instead of overhead florescent lighting.

Add indoor plants. Consider adding indoor plants, even if you don’t have a “green thumb”. Lauren suggests adding plants because they ground our children and us as parents.

Avoid transparent toy containers. When storing your child with autism’s toys and belongings rethink use of transparent containers. According to Lauren, see through containers and boxes can contribute to visual chaos, overstimulation and anxiety for special needs children.

Please click over to Lauren S. Henry’s helpful blog article, Top 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Child’s Life Now. Click here to read her complete article. Her tips will give you some great, easy to do ideas. We can all use more autism help for parents!

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