60 Minutes Meets Jake the Math Wizard with Autism

Did any one catch this interview on 60 minutes about Jake the prodigy math wizard? I had a feeling when I saw the preview that he was a kid with autism. What’s kind of weird to me, is that they didn’t mention his autism until the segment started. It would have been nice if they had brought this up in the headline of the story as in my opinion 60 minutes always features doom and gloom. Almost to the point where I told my wife that every time we watched the show I felt depressed.  But not this time….

The story features a really spunky boy with autism but also with this incredible memory for numbers. He was one of those children that appeared to be hitting all his milestones as a child and then began regressing rapidly.

His incredible parents decided to focus in on his strengths and boy did they make the right decision. Not only did his regression stop but he turned out to be a mathematics genius! He is actually in college and seems to be making friends there and is well respected. This story made my day!

Great segment to watch if you have a kid with autism! Never give up.

Do your children with autism display any incredible talents? Let us know…

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